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Geoffrey Nicholls MBE & Nick Melgaard

Building machines that can read and write

In this episode Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson talks through the world of defence and intelligence sectors with guest Geoff Nicholls MBE and Nick Melgaard from Primer AI. They discuss the latest tech capabilities of the military, how AI and better tech can help to bring peace, how tech companies are working with the military forces around the world and how the defence industry of tomorrow could look.



Caitlyn Lewis

Founder and CEO of Supplier Day

In this episode Account Director Stephen Dale talks through innovation and emerging tech with Caitlyn Lewis, the Founder and CEO of Supplier Day. Caitlyn discusses the different attitudes to innovation from large companies and start-ups, the mindset that companies need to develop internally to be agile, and the one company that we should be looking at as a great example of tech innovation in the next few months.



Richard Price

Global Health Education Technology Advisor to the WHO and NHS

In this episode, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson and Account Director, Stephen Dale talk through tech innovation and trends in the global health education sector with Richard Price. Richard is a Global Health Education Technology Advisor, passionate about helping global health education through research and development of new technologies and has worked with governments in Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. Richard talks through his passion for emerging technologies in his sector, how the healthcare sector should be using tech going forward, and how tech can be deployed at speed to help humanitarian organisations.



Sophie Bailey

Founder and Host of the EdTech Podcast

In this episode Sales Director Iain Tomkinson and Account Director Stephen Dale talk through the education sector with Sophie Bailey. Sophie is the founder of the Ed Tech podcast, whose mission is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact. Sophie discusses how the education sector copes with digital innovation, the opportunities for tech companies and the technologies that the education sector will rely on in the future.



Julian Bewley

Investor and Chief Revenue Officer at Spond

In this episode, Stephen Dale talks through tech innovation and trends in the sports technology sector with Julian Bewley. Julian is a digital first entrepreneur, founder, and investor, who built and sold a successful gaming tech business to Sportech in 2018, before leaving to become the Chief Revenue Officer at Spond, an award winning Norwegian start-up in the sports technology sector. Julian discusses his passion for grassroots sports, the importance of purpose in the IT industry, the opportunities for tech companies in grassroots sports, and his vision for Spond in the future.



Dr Ruchi Pathak Kaul

Founder of Reconstructive Healthcare Solutions, TEDx & public speaker

In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director Iain Tomkinson and Account Director Stephen Dale meet Dr Ruchi Pathak Kaul. Ruchi is the founder of Reconstructive Healthcare Solutions, a business that provides life changing surgical solutions using 3D technology, a TEDx and a public speaker, author, podcast host, maxillofacial surgeon and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians. Ruchi shares insights about how technology is impacting healthcare, the growth of 3D printing solutions, the challenges facing healthcare professionals and the opportunities available for tech companies within the medical sector over the next few years.



Inma Martinez

Digital Pioneer, AI scientist, Author and Advisor to business & Government

In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson and Account Director, Stephen Dale meet Inma Martinez, described by Time Magazine as one of the best talents in digital human behaviour. As a digital pioneer and scientist, Inma advises business leaders and governments on digital transformation for competitive advantage and societal progress and is also a published author with her latest book looking at the future of the automotive industry. Inma discusses the tech innovation that’s happening in the automotive industry, what our roads and cities will look like in 10 years’ time, how automotive companies will drive societal change with technology, and how we’re all training the cars of tomorrow every time we use the internet.



Brett Phaneuf

President of Submergence Group & Managing Director of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson and Account Director, Stephen Dale meet Brett Phaneuf, President of Submergence Group and Managing Director of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

In collaboration with IBM and ProMare, Brett leads the project to build the world’s first fully automated ship, utilising AI, automation, edge computing and machine learning to cross the Atlantic.

Brett discusses how the Mayflower project came about, the challenges faced with the ocean environment, collaboration between tech partners on the project, his vision of autonomous ships for the future and how AI has developed across the marine industry. Brett was named as a Top 10 Innovator to Watch in 2021 according to Smithsonian.



Cate Trotter

Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends

In this episode, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson and Account Director, Stephen Dale meet Cate Trotter, the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends. As a Top 100 Global Retail influencer, advisor and strategist, Cate advises companies such as Chanel, Sky, Nike, and Unilever on emerging trends in retail. Cate talks through how the retail industry has transformed over the last year and the changes expected in the years to come, how technology is changing the model of retail, transforming logistics and the use of retail spaces, and delivering Virtual Reality shopping.