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Emerging technology, innovation and agility

In this episode, we look back at the latest series of ASM Connected and revisit some of the conversations we had about emerging trends and tech with key speakers, futurists and business leaders from across the globe.

Show Notes:
Topics Discussed In This Episode

0:18 World-renowned Futurist, Brett King shares how people should plan for the impact that innovative technology will have on the world, rather than arguing if it will change the world.

2:10  Futurist Amelia Kallman shares insights all about the future of the Metaverse and how it will look in comparison to the Internet.

4:14 Managing Director of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, Brett Phaneuf shares all about the challenges faced when building Mayflower and the emerging technologies used in the build. 

6:40 Gill Holloway, Operations Director for EMEA at Insight shares her thoughts on how businesses can become more agile and whether its underpinned by strategy or culture.

7:53 Julian Bewley, Chief Revenue Officer at Spond shares insights about how agility is a start-ups biggest strength and how the culture at Spond contributes to their agility.

9:57 Inma Martinez shares insights about how emerging technology is contributing to the future of the automotive industry and how our roads will look in years to come.

12:25 Global Health Education Technology Advisor to the WHO and NHS, Richard Price shares real life examples of how emerging technologies can be used in healthcare environments to personalise learning journeys.

14:20 Dr Ruchi Pathak Kaul discusses the statistics of healthcare professionals using innovative technology such as 3D printing.

16:06 Nick Melgaard and Geoffrey Nicholls MBE from Primer AI discuss how emerging technologies such as natural language processing are reducing friction in the defence sector.

19:00 Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends shares how big a part emerging technology innovation is playing in the transformation of the retail industry.

20:14 Richard Potter, Director of Digital Strategy at Microsoft discusses how Microsoft Teams enabled secure digital collaboration for businesses during the pandemic and the possibilities for the future.

22:28 Caitlyn Lewis, Founder and CEO of Supplier Day discusses the main mistake that large organisations make in their approach to agility.

24:45 Futurist Matthew Griffin talks all about technology’s impact on climate change and how businesses can do their bit to help.

27:35 Sophie Bailey, Founder of the EdTech Podcast discusses how the education sector utilised technology throughout the pandemic and how the focus has now shifted to the impact of those technologies whilst looking to the future.

29:57 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year, Jay McBain shares fascinating insights about the changes in procurement decision-making and the IT companies leading the way.

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Adam Leon Smith

CTO at Dragonfly, a European based consultancy focused on Testing, AI and Digital transformation

Adam Leon Smith is a specialist in software quality and emerging technologies, with deep technical expertise and nearly 20 years’ experience. He has held senior technology roles at multinationals including Barclays and Deutsche Bank, delivering large complex transformation projects.

Adam is Chair of the BCS Special Interest Group in Software Testing and holds officer roles with ISO/IEC in the AI and Software & Systems Engineering committees.

Adams current holds the position of CTO at Dragonfly, a European based consultancy focused on Testing, AI and Digital transformation. Dragonfly has a focus on Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail sectors.



Jim Hancock

Former Head of Innovation for US Navy SEALs, Cryptologist and Author

In this episode of ASM Connected, host Iain Tomkinson chats to Jim Hancock, who is the former Head of Innovation for the US Navy SEAL’s. They discuss how engaged the military is with emerging technologies and disruptive vendors and how to approach such organisations with solutions.

Jim served in the US Navy as a cryptologist and worked with the intelligence communities and eventually conducted over 0ne hundred combat operations with special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. During the last six years of his career, he worked as the senior enlisted advisor over future concepts and Innovation for the US Navy Special operations community where he became a well know subject matter expert in unmanned systems, 5G and artificial intelligence.



Öykü Işık

Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity at IMD Business School

In this episode of ASM Connected, host Iain Tomkinson chats to Öykü Işık, who is a Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity at IMD Business School. Her current work focuses on digital resilience, AI Trust and transparency, as well as operationalisation of digital ethics practises in organisations.

They discuss the challenges that emerging technologies present for security and how digital ethics can maintain pace with technological advances.

Öykü is a computer scientist by training and earned her MBA in Istanbul, and her PhD from the University of North Texas. She designs and delivers programmes at IMD Business School, which includes Cybersecurity for Business Executives and Digital Ethics for Senior Executives and has taught in Turkey, USA, Belgium and now Switzerland. She was also recently recognised on the Thinkers50 Radar List 2022.



Simon Godfrey

Chair of the Public Sector Board of Tech UK and Director of Government Relations and Social Value at BT

In this episode of ASM Connected, host Iain Tomkinson chats to Simon Godfrey, who is the Chair of the Public Sector Board of Tech UK and Director of Government Relations and Social Value Leader at BT. They discuss how government and private sectors can work together to maximise services, how AI can help us to progress more cost effectively, and how inflammatory pressures are affecting digital transformation.

Simon is an expert in the business of public sector, and is a former strategic advisor to the Prime Minister’s office, and has held senior director roles at SAP, Oracle and GSK.



Bruce Daisley

Former EMEA Twitter VP, former Director of YouTube and Display for Google, two-time Sunday Times Bestseller and podcaster

In this episode of ASM Connected, host Iain Tomkinson chats to Bruce Daisley, who is the former EMEA Twitter VP, former Director of YouTube and Display for Google, two-time Sunday Times best seller with his books, The Joy of Work and Fortitude and podcaster, about resilience and happiness at work, and how emerging tech and social media impacts workplace culture.

Bruce was previously the VP of EMEA for Twitter, Managing Director of Twitter UK, Director of YouTube and Display for Google, Digital Advisor to Comic Relief, and has held various other roles in technology. Bruce is also a seasoned podcaster with his podcast, Eat Sleep Work Repeat.



Roland Emmans

Head of Technology Sector and Growth Lending at HSBC

In this episode of ASM Connected, host Iain Tomkinson chats to Roland Emmans, who is the Head of Technology Sector and Growth Lending at HSBC. In this episode they discuss the value that AI and RPA can create, and the technology categories that are yet to deliver for the enterprise. We also explore what makes a tech company appealing to investors, the difference between the European and US investment scene, and the importance of social, environmental and governance to investors.

Roland is also a Tech Nation Advisory Board Member and UEL Centre of Fintech Strategic Advisory Board Member.



Jillian Kowalchuk

Founder and CEO of Safe & the City

In this episode of ASM Connected, our host Iain Tomkinson chats to Jillian Kowalchuk about what it’s like to be a Woman in Tech, the use of AI, and influencing digital legacies for years to come. Jillian is an award-winning social entrepreneur, most well-known as the Founder and CEO of Safe & the City. She was born in Canada but spent her childhood in Yemen, until escaping a civil war. Her TEDx, Equality By Design, described her vision of the future where technology is human-centric and improves people’s right to stay safe. Jillian has been recognised as a global young leader, including being one of only one hundred women to be awarded the UK Home Office’s Exceptional Talent in Technology visa, the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Most Inspiring Role Model, and the Top 20 Women in Data in the UK. She is also a keynote speaker and the author of Wired Influence: Make Tech Work for you Again.



Geoffrey Nicholls MBE & Nick Melgaard

Building machines that can read and write

In this episode Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson talks through the world of defence and intelligence sectors with guest Geoff Nicholls MBE and Nick Melgaard from Primer AI. They discuss the latest tech capabilities of the military, how AI and better tech can help to bring peace, how tech companies are working with the military forces around the world and how the defence industry of tomorrow could look.



Caitlyn Lewis

Founder and CEO of Supplier Day

In this episode Account Director Stephen Dale talks through innovation and emerging tech with Caitlyn Lewis, the Founder and CEO of Supplier Day. Caitlyn discusses the different attitudes to innovation from large companies and start-ups, the mindset that companies need to develop internally to be agile, and the one company that we should be looking at as a great example of tech innovation in the next few months.