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A distribution partnership with ASM offers a different conversation with your customers.

Emerging Technology Incubator

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ASM chooses to work with exciting brands that offer something different. We look for brands that have the wow factor, that special ingredient that lights up the eyes of technologists, architects and salespeople everywhere. Think technologies that solve problems, drive savings and deliver human benefits. We are an emerging technology incubator with a mature plan. 

Contact us to understand how our vendors can help with your innovative tech play.

Emerging Technology Incubator


ASM wants to make access to the world’s most innovative and disruptive technologies simple.

We help large Resellers and Systems Integrators find, engage, and develop a portfolio of modern, enterprise grade technologies that complement their current vendor portfolio.

Our vendors portfolio consists of Gartner visionaries, challengers and niche players that offer tangible commercial benefits and a competitive edge.

If you are looking to improve the chances of winning a large tender, solve tomorrows challenges today or have a different conversation with your customer then contact us now.

Emerging Technology Incubator

The benefits of emerging tech, innovative and disruptive technologies?

Faster, cheaper, and more secure? We’ve all had that conversation at some point.

Customers always want more from their budget, that, and the competitive edge. Obviously with no risk.

Users are no longer as nervous about new technologies, and instead crave the competitive advantage, the next big thing, the game changer that propels them above the competition and generates amazing customer feedback.

The reasons to partner with a distributor that understands emerging and disruptive vendors is obvious.

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Digital transformation has been accelerated by approximately 7 years in the last 18 months. Users are more receptive to new technology than ever before.

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Some disruptive vendors can offer savings of up to 50% than their more established competitors.

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According to McKinsey, the top 10 emerging tech categories will be worth up to $32tn by 2025.

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Goldman Sachs is predicting that the AR and VR market will be worth in excess of $80bn by 2025, its currently worth $7bn.