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Matthew Griffin Podcast

Futurist and CEO/Founder of the World Futures Forum & the 311 Institute

Iain Tomkinson and Stephen Dale are joined by Matthew Griffin, the founder and CEO of the world futures forum and the 311 Institute. Matthew is regularly featured in the global media including the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Discovery, Viacom and Wired, and is recognised as one of the world’s foremost futurists who helps governments and investors lead an inclusive, sustainable future.

Matthew shares his experience, talking through the challenges our industry faces with climate change, how businesses need to adapt, and how emerging tech can help bring about solutions to a climate crisis.

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By 2025, Gen Z will make up 25% of the market and currently games like Roblox, 50% of their users are under the age of 13, so these are all kids who have grown up already in these little multiverses, so they’re familiar with the Metaverse and what it means and what it can do in ways that people like me, millennials, aren’t as familiar with and so them moving into the workplace is going to have a really significant impact on the adoption of these technologies in the next 10 years.

Amelia Kallman Discussing the Metaverse

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So with respect to 3D printing as a technology, it’s like 40 years old. So it’s not new, for sure. But the thing is, I was just reading an article the other day, which said, only 10% of doctors are using technology, in terms of 3D printing technology, I was surprised by the statistics, because the thing is that the technology has been there for long, but the applications of the technology have just begun.

Dr Ruchi Pathak Kaul discussing 3D printing in Healthcare

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But ultimately, 2050 I think, when we come out the other side of this, for the second half of the century, I don’t think work will have the role in humans lives that it does today, I think we will work and do things that we’re passionate about, but we won’t need to work to put food on the table.

Brett King discussing the impact of innovations on humans

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So when you have a look at encryption, for example, particularly within the national security space, we have quantum computers coming through, when we get to the point where we have 1000 qubit quantum computer, then really we believe based on analysis, we should be able to crack 4096-bit encryption in under eight hours.

Matthew Griffin discussing Emerging Tech in National Security