S02 EP2 – Richard Potter, Director of Digital Strategy for Microsoft.

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In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson is joined by the Director of Digital Strategy for Microsoft, Richard Potter. Iain and Richard navigate how a company as large as Microsoft innovate, how their work behaviour has had to change since the pandemic, and how this is going to affect the workplace in years to come. This includes a conversation around how a hybrid workflow could transform the way we work in the future. We round off the episode talking through Richard and Iain’s favourite tech gadgets.

Topics discussed in this episode.

  • 3.59 – What’s the culture of innovation at Microsoft?
  • 10.34 – How hybrid working will look in the future.
  • 14.46 – How do large organisations such as Microsoft stay agile and keep innovating at pace?
  • 18.22 – Looking to the future.

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