Who We Are

Environment & CSR

At ASM Technologies our policy is to operate our business in a responsible way. We recognise that our long-term future is dependent on the company meeting our social, environmental and economic responsibilities. In meeting these responsibilities, we shall consider the interests of all stakeholders in our business including:

  • Our employees
  • Our customers
  • Our supply chain
  • The communities in which we work
It is ASM Technologies policy to:
  • Work in an environmentally sensitive way
  • Work without compromise to the health and safety of those who work for us or those who may be affected by the work we do
  • Provide employees with suitable training and development opportunities
  • Establish the needs of clients and look to exceed these requirements
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with our supply chain through mutual co-operation
  • Operate our business so that our reputation is enhanced in the communities in which we work
  • Communicate the Company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Regularly review the effectiveness of the policy and its implementation. This review shall be undertaken by the Managing Directors, the Business Systems Manager and any other appropriate member of staff.