Forum Systems is a global API gateway technology leader for API Management, API Security, Multifactor Authentication, Continuous Authentication, Legacy Modernisation, and Zero Trust. Their flagship product, Forum Sentry, securely processes over 10 billion mission-critical transactions daily in government and commercial enterprises around the world.

Our successful relationship with ASM spans over a decade. ASM is our force multiplier in the region. Not solely a conventional distributor, ASM facilitates and manages the complex relationships, partnerships and transactions with Global System Integrators, Resellers and Customers. ASM has been the key to our go-to-market efforts in the UK. As an organization, we depend on ASM for the smooth flow of transactions, information, and marketing to our shared customer base. As CTO, it’s critical to have an in-region partner that continues to develop and define new and innovative routes to market with us. Regardless of world events, ASM continues to work diligently on our behalf to ensure a successful regional strategy.
Jason Macy, Chief Technology Officer, Forum Systems
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Forum Systems are one of our longest standing partnerships and most successful vendors. As a leader in API Management, the value that their products bring to our customers is huge. We have really enjoyed getting to know the team at Forum Systems over the years while developing the business with them. I really have missed hosting the team in our London offices and looking forward to seeing everyone again in person.
Adele Hope-Urwin, Head of Vendor Alliances
20 December 2021

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