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Endace gives SecOps and NetOps teams the definitive evidence they need to investigate cybersecurity threats, quantify data breaches, and troubleshoot network or application performance problems quickly and efficiently.

EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms record weeks or months of rapidly searchable, accurate network history across an entire network. The open EndaceProbe platform lets teams host and/or integrate with their favourite security and performance monitoring tools – SIEM, SOAR, IDS etc. giving both tools and teams access to recorded packet history from anywhere on their network.

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Increasingly complex networks, growing traffic speeds and loads, and rapidly expanding attack surfaces has left Security, Network and IT teams scrambling to keep up with the barrage of security threats and performance issues they face every day.

The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform provides always-on, network-wide packet capture that can scale to meet the demands of large, distributed networks and deliver the definitive evidence SecOps, NetOps and IT teams – and their tools – need to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats and performance issues.

Let us show you how this shared open packet capture platform can integrate with, and add value to, your existing security and performance monitoring solutions, enabling streamlined workflows that dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your Security, Network and IT teams and reduce the risk of costly security breaches, slowdowns, and outages.

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