Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) requires us to disclose information regarding our efforts to assist with the eradication of slavery and human trafficking from our supply chain and within our own business.

Our Structure

We deliver agile technology distribution across the IT channel concentrating on Tier 2 and 3 brands. ASM Technologies Limited has two 100% subsidiaries, ASM Technologies GmbH, based in Germany and ASM Technologies SAS, based in France. We have a combined workforce of over 70 employees, principally based and operating out of the UK.

Our Policies on slavery and human trafficking

Slavery and human trafficking are illegal and a violation of human rights. There are many forms of modern slavery, which involve a person losing their freedom or being exploited by another for commercial gain. We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking. We expect this to be embedded within all our business dealings and expect vendors, customers and other business partners to adopt a similar high standard of approach.

Due Diligence

As part of our initiatives we have reviewed the anti-slavery statements, where applicable, of our major partners. We are reassured that their policies and procedures in the main, help to eradicate slavery and human trafficking.


We have controls in place we feel are appropriate to ensure that our employees have the right to work and are thus protected by employment legislation. This includes checking right to work documents, passports and visas as appropriate.

We do not knowingly employ those that would be considered child workers. Where work experience is offered to young or inexperienced workers, then they are subject to the rights and protections offered to all our workers.

We expect our vendors to operate fully within the laws and regulations in country, including regarding slavery and human trafficking. This is taken account of when choosing and retaining such vendors.


ASM’s Business Systems Manager, has overall responsibility for ensuring this statement complies with our legal and ethical obligations. He also has responsibility for updating the policy to reflect future changes in legislation. All employees are encouraged to raise concerns about any suspicions they have on slavery or human trafficking, in any part of our business or supply chain.

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