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About Workshare

Workshare’s innovative and intelligent platform empowers professionals to compare, protect and share their high stakes documents on any device.

Content owners can accurately track and compare amendments made by all contributors, while businesses have secure ways to work collaboratively and control the process of constant change.

Headquarted in the UK, in London, Workshare also operates offices in the US and Australia.

More than two million professionals in 70 countries now use Workshare solutions on their desktop, mobile or tablet..


Why Use ASM?

We deliver demonstrable benefits and cost savings to our clients.

  • Innovation & Technology

    That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

    That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers

  • Growth

    That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers

  • Financial Viability

    Of the business so that we can self-fund research, innovation

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