VIPRE is a leading provider of internet security solutions, purpose-built to protect businesses, solution providers, and home users from costly and malicious cyber threats. With over twenty years of industry expertise, VIPRE is one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds, delivering unmatched protection against today’s most aggressive online threats.

Their award-winning software portfolio includes comprehensive email, endpoint and web security, along with threat intelligence for real-time malware analysis and SafeSend, a unique Outlook plugin helps to prevent accidental emailing. VIPRE solutions deliver easy-to-use, comprehensive layered defence through cloud-based security, with mobile interfaces that enable instant threat response.


VIPRE SafeSend is a unique Outlook add-in which addresses a common email user mistake that can have disastrous consequences for businesses – sending an email to the wrong person. Organisations around the world use SafeSend to confirm external recipients and attachments in Microsoft Outlook before an email can be sent.

SafeSend can also be configured to scan outgoing emails and attachments and alert email senders to any potential data breaches.



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