Value-added Resellers

Why do Europe’s largest value-added resellers choose to partner with ASM?

As margins shrink and more diverse technologies become available Europe’s leading resellers are partnering with ASM to assist growth in an ever saturated market.

Leaders of Public Sector and Corporate organisations are looking for full service solutions, incorporating the tail end of the supply chain as well as the traditional tier one vendors. Resellers that are prepared to offer a full service solution can gain strategic advantages by taking ownership of the tail spend as well as looking to manage the traditional tier one vendors. The typical Enterprise will have diverse requirements covering retail, data centre, workplace, mobile, print, networks and software commodities.

Resellers are partnering with ASM to gain access to disruptive technologies, enterprise software and specialist services to deliver the full service solution without incurring the costs associated with managing the end to end process in house. As the preferred partner to some of the biggest resellers in Europe we have the economies of scale and vendor relationships to support your business. With over 800 plus distribution agreements, managed by commodity specialists and qualified buyers we can add significant value to your business.

If you are looking to:

Refine your processes and reduce your costs.

Gain access to a broad product portfolio across the globe.

Mitigate risk.

Speed up your delivery times.

Become more efficient.

Consolidate your noncore, niche and tail end spend.