Series 02

ASM Connected

Series 2 included guests from Microsoft, Forrester and business start-ups. The podcast has hosted leading Futurists and government advisors from around the world.

Just some of our guests were:

Brett King

Advisor to the Obama administration on Fintech policy and advises regulators and banks around the world on technology transformation.

Richard Price

Global Health Education Technology Advisor to the WHO and NHS.

Brett Phaneuf

President of Submergence Group, leading the project to build the world’s first fully automated ship, the Mayflower 400.

Series 02:

The best of ASM Connected

Emerging technology, innovation and agility

In this episode, we look back at the latest series of ASM Connected and revisit some of the conversations we had about emerging trends and tech with key speakers, futurists and business leaders from across the globe.

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Series 1 recap

The best bits from Series 1

To bring Series One of ASM Connected to a close, our hosts, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson, and Account Director, Stephen Dale reflect on the past eight episodes. They break down their favourite moments from Series One, and discuss what they’d do differently next time.


Allen Manville

from Nitro

In this episode Iain Tomkinson is joined by Allen Manville, Director of Channel Sales for EMEA at Nitro. They discuss all about the culture at Nitro, how it’s been impacted by the global pandemic and if a paperless office is something we can look forward to in the future.


Camille Morgan

from Eggplant

In this episode, Stephen Dale is joined by Camille Morgan, Channel Lead for the Rest of the World at Eggplant. They discuss what it’s like starting off in the industry, how to tackle being a non-technical person in a technical industry, and the story of the recent acquisition of Eggplant.


Dave Russell

from Grafana Labs

In this episode, Stephen Dale is joined by Dave Russell, VP of Solutions Engineering at Grafana Labs and co-host of the Roaring Elephant podcast. They discuss all things big data, why it’s important and how to communicate its value with visualisation as well as touching on open source and its impacts on the commercial side of Grafana Labs.


John Attala

from Endace

Our Sales Director Iain Tomkinson is joined by John Attala, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Endace. They discuss how new tools are impacting the cyber security industry, how attacks are becoming more advanced and even their predictions for the future.


Daniel Thomas

from Awingu

In this episode Stephen Dale is joined by Daniel Thomas, Sales Director UK & Ireland for Awingu. They chat about adjusting to life in the new normal, growing your own food at home and how Awingu are enabling end users to easily and securely work on any device, anywhere.


Keith Christie-Smith


Our Account Director Stephen Dale is back, this time with Keith Christie-Smith, Country Director, UK & Nordics Regions at OPSWAT. They discuss how OPSWAT are dealing with the challenges faced by coronavirus, how they’re looking to engage with customers in the new normal and the great products they have on offer. Keith is even challenged to explain OPSWAT products through his love of rugby.


Elizabeth Lucas

from Jamf

Our Account Director Stephen Dale speaks to Elizabeth Lucas, Channel Partner Executive from Jamf where they discuss working alongside Apple, how they are connecting families affected by Coronavirus and why it’s important to switch off from the media every now and again…


Gerald Byrne

from GoTo

In this episode ASM Account Director Stephen Dale speaks to Gerald Byrne Senior Sales Director from LogMeIn (now rebranded to ‘GoTo’), covering cultures within the company, transitioning in to a fully remote team and much more…