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It is common knowledge in procurement that typically 80% of spend goes through 20% of suppliers. So how are procurement organisations tackling the non-strategic 80% of suppliers that make up 20% of the spend?

The “tail end” of the supply chain is often populated with a large number of non-strategic suppliers with little or no relationship management in place. This unruly collection of suppliers can take necessary and expensive focus away from strategic business. Sales teams can find themselves spending more time supplier facing than customer facing.

Tail spend is often fraught with challenges that render traditional procurement strategies ineffective. In contrast the average cost per transaction with tail spend is often significantly higher to most enterprise organisations. The tail of the supply chain can often be the biggest source of incremental savings.

A number of the world’s leading technology companies have contracted ASM to manage their tail spend, delivering a compliant, cost effective and sustainable model that addresses the solution. Our solution is specifically tailored to the organisation permitting a seamless solution without bending the organisation out of shape.

Our tail spend solution is scalable, tried and tested by many complex global businesses that have seen direct benefits and bottom line savings.