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Could your procurement organisation benefit from unprecedented access to a wide portfolio of enterprise technologies whilst remaining compliant and cost effective?

ASM’s end to end service offering enables large and complex enterprise organisations to improve the demand process whilst remaining agile and compliant. Our supplier rationalisation, tactical sourcing and strategic procurement solutions have delivered value for the world’s leading technology procurement organisations, delivering innovation, cost savings and efficiencies.

We have access to discounts and preferential pricing with many of our Suppliers due to the collective volume and spend across our Customer base, which Customers may not have otherwise received if purchasing directly themselves.

ASM also absorbs the pain and risk of contractual discussions by contracting directly with the supply base, so our Customers don’t have to worry about undertaking contractual negotiations during the Procurement process themselves. Our quick response and agility in commercial discussions with Suppliers ensures that agreements are in place much faster than our Customers could have otherwise achieved. We provide our Customers with standardised payment terms regardless of the terms that we have agreed with the Suppliers, improving Customer cash-flow and fiscal health whilst simplifying the procurement process.