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That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers..


That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers.

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That deliver demonstrable benefits to customers.

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About VisualOn.

VisualOn is a pioneer in video software technology, with many years of experience working with the world’s top device makers and streaming video service providers.

The company’s vast trove of patented technologies and team of multimedia experts are trusted by the world’s top media and tech companies to bring their video content to connected screens with high quality and availability, wide compatibility, differentiated features and functionalities and shortened time-to-market.

VisualOn’s unique patented technology is designed to be platform independent for ease of integration, with optimised quality, performance, and minimal power consumption.

VisualOn supports streaming, VOD, and other multimedia applications with superior quality levels that enable content providers to reach their target audience.

The VisualOn Media Platform enables content providers to get their services to market quicker, in a scalable manner, and overcome device and service fragmentation.

The product also provides features and functionality to support content security via third-party DRM integration, built in player analytics, ad enablement and tracking.

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