Awingu is a unified workspace that provides highly secure, controlled, and audited access to all your company files and legacy, web, and SaaS applications in a browser-based workspace, accessible from any device.

Awingu mobilises all company applications without disrupting how you run your IT and works with any cloud services. No agent is required on personal or corporate devices, and collaboration and file sharing are as simple as sending a URL. IT assets remain centrally secure, and no data footprint is ever left behind for a safe way to implement BYOD.

Awingu’s remote workspace solution is a fantastic option for our customer base and the innovation and cost savings really brings something new to the table. The team are great to work with and their extensive knowledge has been instrumental in the success we’ve had so far.
Adele Hope-Urwin, Head of Vendor Alliances
14 August 2020

Daniel Thomas Podcast