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About idenprotect.

Passwords are naturally complicated. They have to be long, hard to guess, different for every application, changed regularly, reset when forgotten and typed in multiple times every day. idenprotect remove this complication by eradicating the password itself, while making your organisation safer than it was before. Crucially, we are password-free, not password-less. Why? Because one password is one password too many.

idenprotect Specialities.

Typically, authentication keys are stored in software. But that’s like putting them in an envelope. It’s sealed, but it’s not exactly hard to get into. We offer multi-factor authentication using three identity-confirming credentials, which is always safer than two. The first is a unique biological trait such as your face or fingerprint. The second is your smart device and, specifically, the secure chip inside it. And the third, instead of being a password, is a private key stored in that chip. Malware can’t reach it. Hackers can’t remove it. And no one can get into your applications without it.

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