7SIGNAL is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organisations can thrive.

Their cloud-based Wireless Experience Monitoring platform continuously tests wireless performance at the edge of the network, from the perspective of the device to enable more in-depth insights, equipping your team with what they need to resolve and troubleshoot issues faster.

Stronger Wi-Fi connections for mission-critical users, devices, and applications means more productivity.

As 7SIGNALS Director of Channel for EMEA, the ASM relationship means a lot to me as it addresses many of the challenges we have encountered across the channel. For 7SIGNAL, ASM opens new avenues of opportunities particularly in developing the right Go-to- Market partnerships with the top tier resellers across EMEA. This market access provides 7SIGNAL a platform to truly scale and continue its rapid growth into new markets across EMEA and beyond. The unofficial collaboration came about early in 2021 as we needed a PANEU Distributor that could support a global roll out for one of the largest IT companies in the world. Following a very successful rollout it was evident that ASM had much more to offer as a potential PANEU Distributor for 7SIGNAL. After a few online meetings and discussions, it eventually resulted in a visit in November to the impressive ASM HQ in Northwich, where we met Iain and Adele for an in-depth discussion that led to the conclusion and official sign up shortly after. Since then, there has been a rapid transition where the ASM Team has introduced 7SIGNAL into a few key partners and potential end user prospects. We’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg making for an exciting 2022.

Dean Chettra, Director of Channel for EMEA, 7SIGNAL
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It’s been a pleasure developing the partnership with 7SIGNAL, and particularly working with Dean to integrate the wider teams. It’s very important to me to identify and partner with innovative technologies such as 7SIGNAL and will be key to the success. Indeed, it will be a very exciting 2022!

Adele Hope-Urwin, Head of Vendor Alliances
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