S02 EP5 – Amelia Kallman, Futurist, Author and Speaker.

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In episode 5 of ASM Connected, Iain Tomkinson and Stephen Dale are joined by leading London Futurist, Speaker and Author Amelia Kallman. Amelia regularly consults brands, agencies, and governments on the impact of new technologies on the future of business and our lives. She forecasts global trends and behaviours, helping clients navigate innovation, build strategies, and deliver industry leading initiatives, specialising in emerging opportunities, as well as the risks of machine learning and AI, Big Data, IoT and XR. Recent areas of study include the future of the Metaverse, networking, tech responsibility, and the surfacing human rights issues of tomorrow. In this episode, we ask Amelia how the metaverse will impact business and why we need it. Amelia shares her thoughts on the coolest emerging products, innovators and ,market leaders today. Can VR/XR disrupt education, retail, finance and healthcare?

Topics discussed in this episode.

  • 2.44 – Amelia’s journey to becoming a futurist
  • 6.56 – What is the Metaverse, and do we need it?
  • 11.15 – What are the uses in the corporate and the public sector for VR and XR?
  • 17.31 – The vast scale of the gaming industry and how this will look in the future
  • 19.54 – What will AR, XR and VR headsets look like in the future?
  • 22.27 – The ethics of this emerging technology
  • 28.17 – Advice for companies exploring the Metaverse

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