S02 EP4 – Matthew Griffin, Futurist and CEO/Founder of the World Futures Forum and the 311 Institute.

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In episode 4 of ASM Connected Iain Tomkinson and Stephen Dale are joined by Matthew Griffin, the founder and CEO of the world futures forum and the 311 Institute. Matthew is regularly featured in the global media including the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Discovery, Viacom and Wired, and is recognised as one of the world’s foremost futurists who helps governments and investors lead an inclusive, sustainable future.

Matthew shares his experience, talking through the challenges our industry faces with climate change, how businesses need to adapt, and how emerging tech can help bring about solutions to a climate crisis.

Topics discussed in this episode.

  • 6.05 – Matthew’s clientele and project base
  • 10.48 – How is technology helping to solve the climate crisis
  • 27.57 – Is the IT industry agile enough to be able to take advantage of the innovation quickly enough?
  • 37.18 – The importance of ESG initiatives for modern businesses
  • 42.59 – What does the future look like?

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