S02 EP3 – Brett King, Futurist, Speaker and Bestselling Author.

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In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director, Iain Tomkinson and Account Director Stephen Dale are joined by world-renowned Futurist, Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and media personality, Brett King. Brett has spoken in over 50 countries in recent years, at TED conferences, given opening keynotes for Wired, The Economist, IBM’s World of Watson, CES and more. He advised the Obama administration on Fintech policy and advises regulators and banks around the world on technology transformation. They discuss all things emerging tech and innovation in the finance sector, plus the importance of agility, they touch on Brett’s 2016 book Augmented, weave their way through AI, genetics, machine learning and robots as part of the future of finance and Brett shares his advice for salespeople selling into banks and financial institutions around having conversations about innovative and emerging technologies for the next 5 to 10 years.

Topics discussed in this episode.

  • 5.55 – What does innovation mean to you
  • 8.48 – Brett’s 2016 book, Augmented
  • 10.57 – How far can a smartphone connection go
  • 18.53 – Does regulation constrain innovation, or does it drive us to find ways around it?
  • 24.24 – Is the finance sector open to new technologies?
  • 29.28 – What is the next thing banks should be looking at?
  • 34.59 – Brett’s up and coming book, The Rise of Techno socialism
  • 38.04 – Fear or embrace robots?


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